Thank You To GolfBlogger’s May 2021 Patrons

Thank You To GolfBlogger’s May 2021 Patrons

A hearty thank-you to Michigan-based online retailer Golf Anytime for being a presenting sponsor of GolfBlogger.Com. If you’re looking for golf practice solutions, Golf Anytime has golf simulators, practice nets, hitting mats, launch monitors, putting greens and devices such as the Check Point Swing Laser. The swing laser helps you grove a better swing by building an on-plane backswing. You can read GolfBlogger’s Check Point Swing Laser review at the link.

Golf Anytime also carries rangefinders and golf GPS watches from Voice Caddie and Shotscope, including Voice Caddie’s popular Voice Caddie products.

I’ve got a new Member of the Gallery this month: Jim, who is @14chipp on Twitter. Give him a visit and a follow.

I’d also thank ongoing Members of the Gallery: Steve, David and John. They’re helping support this blog with their $3 a month contributions.

I’d love to have you, gentle reader, as a Patron. Please check out the offerings by clicking the button below:

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