Thankful For Hawaii and The West Coast Swing

Torrey Pines From GolfBlogger’s round in 2007

During the months-long golf off-season here in Michigan, I find that I am thankful for the PGA Tour’s Hawaii and West Coast Swings. The television images of sunny skies, palm trees, and beaches are a welcome relief from the dark skies, snow and mud here in our Pleasant Peninsula. While I would not trade Michigan summers and autumns for anything, I’m envious of those who can play year-round.

I don’t have long until I can retire from my teaching gig, and I look forward to being able to spend a couple of weeks in January or February playing golf among the palms. I managed to get out to play Torrey Pines a couple of years ago. Playing Riviera is on my bucket list, but like Augusta, I have no idea how I’d ever pull that off.

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