Thanks To Golf Anytime: May 2022 GolfBlogger Patron

Thanks To Golf Anytime: May 2022 GolfBlogger Patron

Thanks To Golf Anytime: May 2022 GolfBlogger Patron

Weather this spring in Michigan has frankly been awful. Cold rain. Snow. Sleet. More rain. Forty-mile-an-hour winds.

Leagues are starting, but there have been few windows for practice. My game is a train wreck. I’ve seen others whose games are worse.

That’s when Golf Anytime comes to the rescue. The Michigan-based online retailer can help you refine your game at any time with top-of-the-line golf simulators from TruGolf, Ernest Sports and OptiShot.

I’ve got an OptiShot Golf In A Box, and have found that using it a couple of times a month in the off season has been helpful in keeping the swing oil flowing.

In addition to simulators, Golf Anytime has some great practice mats and hitting nets that you can set up in your backyard. That doesn’t solve the bad weather problem entirely, but it does give you a chance to get out immediately if there’s a window.

And there’s always the garage. Move the cars out and set up a practice area.

Golf Anytime also has a nice selection of golf rangefinders and gps watches that can give you an edge. I’ve tested the Shot Scope V2 that they carry and quite like it. The Shot Scope not only gives you accurate distances, it also tracks your golf performance and gives you the tools to analyze that data. Read GolfBlogger’s Shot Scope V2 Review.

Golf Anytime features fast and free shipping and a lowest price guarantee. You can also give them a call to get advice on the best .

Give them a visit.

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