Thanks To GolfBlogger’s February 2022 Patrons

Thanks To GolfBlogger’s February 2022 Patrons

A northern wind is about to dump fifteen inches of snow on us here in Michigan, but the golf season is strangely just round the corner. By March, a great many courses have reopened and players are teeing it up. It’ll be cold, but we Michiganders are a hardy lot.

No matter where you are, NOW is the time to prepare for your best season ever. You can do it with two of GolfBlogger’s patrons: Golf Anytime and Skillest

Skillest can give you a leg up on your competition by connecting you with top instructors from around the world for virtual golf lessons and coaching. Golf Anytime can give you a jump start on the season with the web’s best selection of golf practice solutions, including a range of simulators and indoor ranges to fit any budget.


The revolutionary Skillest app lets golfers create their own virtual golf academy with private, one-on-one coaching from the world’s top golf instructors. With the app, golfers upload videos of their swing to Skillest; instructors then provide detailed, specific feedback.

Armed with personal feedback, analysis and drills from their instructor, Skillest golfers can practice at their leisure. Past lessons can be reviewed whenever necessary to maintain skills and achieve objectives.

Adding to the value is a free golf swing analyzer lets students record and analyze their swings between lessons. Questions? Chat with your instructor. Need more immediate instruction? Live Zoom is available.

Best of all, you can often get a month’s worth of lessons on Skillest for the price of a single in-person lesson.

Golf Anytime

If you can’t practice because there’s fifteen inches of snow on the ground, or if you just don’t like the driving range, Golf Anytime offers top-of-the-line golf simulators from TruGolf, Ernest Sports and OptiShot. With these, you can practice all through the winter in the comfort of your own home.

I can personally recommend OptiShot’s Golf In A Box Simulators (read my OptiShot Review). It is a lot of fun and will keep your swing smooth and grooved.

In addition to golf simulators, Golf Anytime has indoor and outdoor practice nets, launch monitors, putting greens and training aids. Another of their products that I’ve tried and liked is the CheckPoint Laser from Eyeline Golf (read GolfBlogger’s Check Point Laser Review)

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