Thanks To GolfBlogger’s March 2022 Patron: Golf Anytime

Thanks To GolfBlogger's March 2022 Patron: Golf Anytime

Thanks To GolfBlogger’s March 2022 Patron: Golf Anytime

March in Michigan is full of uncertainty. Snow and ice one day; Sunny and (relatively) warm the next. It rains. Then it snows. The wind blows hard. The air is still. Frozen ground turns to a muddy quagmire only to be refrozen.

And then there’s the light issue. Even if courses are open and playable, there just isn’t enough light after work to get in a practice round.

Somehow, amidst all this, golfers in Michigan — and other northern climes — must find a way to re-groove their swings in time for spring leagues. You don’t want to be “that guy” trying to regain form when points are on the line.

Golf Anytime can keep your swing grooved all year with top-of-the-line golf simulators from TruGolf, Ernest Sports and OptiShot.

I’ve got one of the OptiShot Golf In A Box Simulators that Golf Anytime offers as a solution. It’s great, and I have regularly used it in my classroom, where I have a large screen a projector and a high ceiling (read my OptiShot Review). I

Another of their products that I’ve tried and liked is the CheckPoint Laser from Eyeline Golf (read GolfBlogger’s Check Point Laser Review)

In addition to the simulators, Golf Anytime offers lines of indoor and outdoor practice nets. There is a spectacular 20x10x10 three quarters enclosed Masters Golf net, and more modest offerings in the Home Series golf and Multi-Sprot Net V2 and Mini Pro Series Golf Net.

You can also get some home and yard hitting mats that are vastly superior to anything you would find at a driving range.

All of these would be great for setting up in your garage or in the backyard.

Golf Anytime is a Michigan based company, so they feel your early season pain. Give them a look.

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