Thanks To GolfBlogger’s November 2021 Patrons

Thanks To GolfBlogger’s November 2021 Patrons

November means Thanksgiving, and I am thankful for my presenting sponsors: Golf Anytime and Skillest.

Golf Anytime is a Michigan-based company that offers golfers indoor practice solutions — an absolute necessity if you want to maintain your skills year-round. Skillest offers a frankly revolutionary app that lets golfers connect with world-class coaches from around the globe.

Skillest lets golfers record their swings and get feedback, analysis and drills from the world’s finest golf coaches. As a school teacher with 30 years of experience, I can tell you that the best lessons are ones that empower students, are short, to the point, offer immediate feedback and reviewable Skillest checks all those boxes. Once a golf instructor is selected, students can upload their videos at their leisure, receive prompt feedback and then review that feedback whenever necessary.

With Skillest, a golfer can often get a month’s worth of instruction for the price of a single lesson.

At Golf Anytime, you’ll find top-of-the-line golf practice equipment for keeping on top of your game from home. For those of us in the northern climes, winter is inevitable. The loss of golf skills, however, is not.

Golf Anytime can set you up with indoor golf simulators from TruGolf, Optishot and Ernest Sports for surprisingly affordable prices. I’ve tried the OptiShot models and am a fan. Golf Anytime also has practice nets, SuperSpeed weight sets, Eyeline Golf Check Point Lasers, Speed Traps and Putting Mirrors.

If you are really serious about your golf, you should look into what Skillest and Golf Anytime have to offer.

I’d also thank Members of the Gallery for supporting the blog with their $3 a month contributions:

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  • Jim (@14chipp on Twitter)
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