The Anatomy Of A Golf Swing

The-Anatomy-of-a-Golf-SwingI’ve been thinking a lot lately about the hurdles faced by novices coming to the game of golf. The game has its own language and etiquette,  and as many rituals as a cult. Just getting a tee time can be an obtuse negotiation worthy of disarmament talks.

“Hello? I’d like to get a tee time for two this Friday.”

“When would you like to play?”

“How about three?”

 “I can give you three forty five, but you will probably run into the league which is teeing off the back nine at 5:00.”

“So how about one?”

“I can go with 1:38, but I’ll you need to pair you with another twosome.”

“So is there a time when the two of us can play alone?”

“I can give you a time on Sunday afternoon.”

You will eventually negotiate a mutually agreeable time, but by then, you and the Pro will both be nominated for Nobel Peace Prizes.

And then there’s the mysterious golf swing.  Hit down to go up. Left to go right. Grip. Stance.  Ball position. Tempo.  Backswing. Body rotation. Finish. Pronation. Supination. Activating the glutes.

It is all so seemingly complex. Fortunately, however, all of the complexity can be broken into a few discrete units.

golfscape has done an admirable job in outlining those units in the infographic to the left. Better golfers will no doubt find it shallow, but for the beginner it offers a pretty good picture of the overall process. In the end, the swing all boils down to grip, ball position, stance, tempo, takeaway and follow-through.

Click on the image to embiggen.

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