The Best Up and Coming Golf Course Designers

The fifth at Pilgrim's Run is a 429 yard par 4.
The fifth at Pilgrim’s Run is a 429 yard par 4.

Who are the best up-and-coming course designers?

GC’s Matty G recently answered a twitter post asking about the best course designers not named Coore, Crenshaw, Engh, Doak, Fazio, etc.

His list:

Riley Johns, Keith Rhabb, Matthew Dusenberry, Mike DeVries, Jim Urbina, Dave Esler, Angela Moser, Logan Fazio and Tiger Woods.

The only one on the list I recognize is Mike DeVries, who works out of Traverse City, Michigan. I’ve played two of his Michigan courses, and thought both belonged on my Top Ten In Michigan list: Pilgrims Run and Greywalls. Being on the Top Ten in Michigan, for my money, puts both in the conversation nationwide.

Pilgrim’s Run, in Pierson, is a beautiful and challenging course that winds its way through 400 acres of wooded, rolling terrain.  Pilgrims Run Golf Course Review

Greywalls Hole 5 Green
Greywalls Hole 5 Green

Greywalls, in Marquette in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, is a spectacular course on bluffs and hills overlooking Lake Superior. The photo above shows where the course got its name. Grey walls of stone abound. Greywalls Golf Course Review

DeVries has a couple in others in Michigan that I have to try: Diamond Springs, The Mines and the very highly regarded Kingsley Club. Kingsley is private, though, so I guess I will need to figure out a way to get an invite.

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