The Encyclopedia Of Golf

The Encyclopedia of Golf

From the dusty shelves of a used bookstore comes the 1964 edition of the Encyclopedia of Golf by Nevin H. Gibson.

The Encyclopedia of Golf is an impressive work, compiling results for championships at every level. The section on USGA championships include the “National Open, Junior, Senior, Girls, Women’s, Walker Cup, Curtis Cup and Americas Cup competitions, among others. In the Major and Semi-Major Championship section are results for The “British Open”, British Amateur and Ladies Amateur, The Royal Canadian Association championships, Women’s Western Open, Women’s World Championship, The Masters, The Metropolitan Golf Association, The North and South, the Western Open and Western Amateur and many more.

Then, to top it off, the Encyclopedia of Golf has results for individual state championships, including Amateur, Women’s and Opens.

Since this is the 1964 edition, the information is 58 years out of date. Howeve,r in doing golf research, I’ve found it is the early stuff that is hard to find. I think this will be a useful tool going forward.

It’s too bad this is a paperback. If it were hardback, I think I might use my book scanner to digitize it (I have this Fujistu scanner I got from Amazon. It’s been great for digitizing stuff I want to keep but don’t want to keep on a shelf).

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