The Harrington Jacket

Steve McQueen In a Harrington Style Jacket

Harrington Jackets on Amazon.

I am currently shopping around for a nice Harrington Jacket.

First produced in the 1930s, the Harrington Jacket was originally intended for golfers.
The original manufacturer, Baracuta, was owned by two golfing brothers, John and Issac Miller. The design certainly fits the bill, with its loose fit and ribbed wrists and waist. The interior was done in a Fraser tartan. Pockets were slanted and flapped.

The Baracuta model is known as a G9 — the “G” is for golf.

Frank Sinatra In A Harrington style jacket.

Originally called a “Blouson” (french for short wool), it acquired the name Harrington when it was worn by Ryan O’Neal in Peyton Place. His character’s name was Rodney Harrington.

Harrington style jackets today are iconic, and iconically cool. James Dean wore a red Harrington style jacket in Rebel Without A Cause. Elvis wore one in King Creole. Steve McQueen, the King of Cool himself, wore them regularly.

Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 even got into a Harrington Jacket in Quantum of Solace.

The brilliant thing about these jackets is that you can wear them anywhere and with nearly everything. They’ll look good with jeans or khakis, polos or button downs. And they’re appropriate for a wide variety of social settings.






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