The Last Morning Round of The Season

The Last Morning Round of the Season

The school year for many teachers (including me) starts tomorrow with meetings, so today I played what likely is my last morning round of the season.

I’ve been teaching for some thirty years now, and it frankly gets harder every year to go back. Retired teachers I have known over the years have said that eventually, you reach a point where mid-August arrives, and you just can’t go back. That’s when you file your retirement papers.

I could technically retire, but I’m not quite there yet mentally.

Until next June, though, my golf will mostly consist of squeezing in rounds after work on those days when I don’t have meetings.

There are a lot of meetings.

I sometimes think that the primary function of public education is administration.

At any rate, this morning’s round at Washtenaw Golf Club (course link) was delightful. The temperature started out in the upper sixties and was only in the mid-seventies by the time I finished. I got to see a gorgeous sunrise.

Unfortunately, over the last few weeks, my swing has completely gone astray. I’m fine with driver, fairway and hybrids, but the shorter the club, the worse I get. I can’t find the bottom of the club and most of my shots are headed right.

It is an absolute nightmare.

I have a lesson scheduled this weekend. I’m pretty sure I know what’s wrong; I just can’t stop doing it.

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