The Lost Shoe of Washtenaw GC

The Lost Shoe of Washtenaw GC pictured a shoe in a field

The Lost Shoe of Washtenaw GC

As I was walking a round at Washtenaw Golf Club the other day, I came across this lost shoe sitting all by itself between two fairways.

I didn’t get too close, but looking through my zoom lens, the shoe seemed as though it was in decent shape.

The Lost Shoe of Washtenaw GC pictured: a shoe in a field

I have lots of questions about the lost shoe:

Where is the owner?

How does a shoe come off a foot?

Did the owner not notice?

Did the owner finally notice but decide it was too far to go back looking for the shoe?

Did the shoe offend somehow offend the owner and get itself exiled?

Do people angrily fling golf shoes the way they fling clubs after a bad shot?

In some cultures, throwing a shoe is an insult and sign of displeasure. Was this intended as a slight against the course’s architect or greenskeeper?

Did the owner continue to play with one shoe?

Down to one shoe, did the owner decide to play Sam Snead style barefoot?

Was it one of a spare pair that fell out of a bag?

Who carries a spare pair of golf shoes?

Why would you even need a spare pair of golf shoes?

Is the other half of the pair on a different hole somewhere else on the course?

Was the owner feeling too warm and decided that a shoe was an appropriate piece of apparel to remove? (I suppose it’s better than finding a pair of abandoned shorts.)

How much alcohol was involved?

Should I be looking for a body?

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