Visit Morocco: The Medina In Rabat

Medina In Rabat
The Medina In Rabat

Less famous than its cousin in Marrakech, the Medina in Rabat stuck me as more friendly and managable.  Word has it that the Rabat souk caters mostly to locals, so there are fewer “tourist traps.” I thought it was a little bit more cozy than in Marrakech, and from the shops I saw, had slightly better quality products. If I were to return to Morocco, I would want to spend more time here, and also visit some places I missed, such as the ancient Roman city of Chellah, which is just a short drive away.

Here’s my advice when you visit Morocco: spend a couple of days in Rabat at the Villa Mandarine and get a spa treatment. Play golf at Royal Golf Dar Essalam. Visit the Medina and the Old City. Eat dinner at a place with a view of the ocean. Visit the Mausoleum of Mohammad V. Visit Chellah.

More photos of the Medina in Rabat follow:

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