The Most Iconic Masters Victories of All Time

Since 1934, the Masters Tournament has been showcasing the very best of what the world of golf has to offer. This list outlines five of the most iconic Masters victories of all time.

1. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is having to sit out his first Masters Tournament in 20 years, so gamblers looking to make some winnings with Tiger will see him missing from the Masters Odds 2021. While the bookies will always speculate about potential winners, Tiger has a habit of surprising everybody with spectacular wins. In particular, nothing is as iconic as Tiger Woods’ 2005 Masters victory.

Tiger Woods describes his winning shot on the 2005 tournament as ‘one of his best ever’ and for a good reason. What is now commonly referred to as the greatest chip shot in Masters history wasn’t the last shot that Tiger Woods took in the tournament, but it was the shot responsible for securing his lead.

2. Larry Mize

Larry Mize was pretty unknown in the world of golf before he made his truly iconic clutch shot in the 1987 Masters Tournament. Mize had one of the most awe-inspiring finishing shots in Masters history. At the last hole, he was up against Greg Norman, and his ball was off the green about 100 feet from the cup. With a sand wedge, Mize made the shot, and his ball bounced twice before it cleanly rolled into the hole. Known as the Holy Roller, this winning shot took Larry Mize from underdog to major player.

3. Phil Mickelson

In 2010, Phil Mickelson made a win that seemed to defy all rules of golf or logic. Phil Mickelson’s 2010 win is one of the most popular in Masters’ history and for a good reason; Mickelson took a real gamble. In the pine needles, around a bend, 207 yards from the green, Phil Mickelson had no clear shot in sight. So, the leftie chose to knock a 6-iron shot straight through two trees, over Rae’s Creek, and onto the green, setting himself right up for a birdie.

4. Gene Sarazen

One of the most iconic Masters victories of all time took place in the second-ever Masters Tournament in 1935. Craig Wood stood at six-under-par and seemed to have the 1936 Master victory in his hands until Sarazen came to the 235-year fairway. Sarazen used a 4-wood to shoot the most iconic of all golf shots: the double-eagle. This shot managed to tie Wood and Sarazen, who later went on to win the tournament at the 36-hole. However, it was the double-eagle that was celebrated as the winning shot.

5. Jack Nicklaus

In 1986, Jack Nicklaus surprised crowds by outplaying both Steve Ballesteros and Tom Kite to secure his 6th Masters victory aged 46. Both Ballesteros and Kite were playing extremely well, but ultimately were no match for Nicklaus. Shotting an eagle, then a birdie, then another birdie consecutively from the 15th to the 17th Hole, Nicklaus quickly overtook his competition and finished with a nine-hole score of 30. Finishing one shot ahead of his competitors, Jack Nicklaus won in what is fondly remembered as one of the best moments of Masters history.

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