The Score – Golf Poetry

The Score – Golf Poetry


I SWUNG the club with all my force 
When starting 'round the Midland course. 
I hit the ground while on the tee, 
And broke my club — that cost me                               3.00 

Next time I hit the tiny pill, 
And aimed it at a distant hill, 
The ball was lost — an awful drive — 
And I was stung for                                                          .86 

But just a moment after that 
A speeding golf ball smashed my hat. 
This golfing game is mighty fine — 
The hat had cost                                                              8.49 

And then it started in to rain, 
And rained with all its might and main ; 
This pasture pool is sure great fun — 
To press my suit cost even                                           1.00 

This game of golf is fine, they say; 
But me for tennis or croquet ! 
Some games cost less and some cost more, 
But this one cost                                                             8.34 

By Claude H. Gamble, in the 1921 collection Lyrics of the Links

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