The Shortest Day Of The Year And Missing Golf

The Shortest Day Of The Year And Missing Golf

Today is Winter Solstice — the shortest day of the year. Here in Michigan, sunrise was at 8:16; sunset at 5:04.

I drove to work at school in the dark today — at 6 am — and with the after game club meeting, will likely drive home in the dark as well.

Zero chance for golf. Worse, a winter storm is moving in. I don’t mind golf in cold weather; snow makes it impossible, though.

This isn’t only the darkest day of the year; the beginning of my psychologically darkest time of the year. Golf is my therapy. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing.

For what it’s worth, I generated the picture above with one of those AI artwork generators that have been all the talk lately.

The good news is that the official start of the Michigan golf season is just 101 days away. I’ll likely be out well before then. While the season “begins” in April, March usually has some fine days for play.

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