The Streak: 82 Consecutive Months of Michigan Golf

The Streak: 82 Consecutive Months of Michigan Golf pictured: the 18th at Washtenaw
The 18th at Washtenaw GC on a cold day for Michigan golf.

On Saturday, I got out to play a round at Washtenaw Golf Club. That brings my streak to 82 consecutive months of Michigan golf.

The Michigan golf streak has included days when temperatures were in the 90s, and when they were in the 20s. In blazing sun, in rain, and sleet and snow.

I’ve had fun on every single round.

The Streak: 82 Consecutive Months of Michigan Golf The GolfBlogger in winter gear
Geared up for cold weather Michigan golf.

The key is always proper clothing. There’s an old Boy Scout saying: There’s no such thing as bad weather. There are only bad clothing choices.

The weather on December 4, 2021 was 44 degrees and windy, but sunny. Sunny always makes a difference. I swear that if the sun is out it feels ten degrees warmer than the mercury shows.

Apparel for the day was a pair of Under Armor Coldgear pants, a Galvin Green Insula pullover and an Under Armor winter vest. On top is a Tilley winter hat that has built-in ear covers.

Layers are your ally. By mid round, I was a bit too warm and the wind had died down a little, so I took off the vest. A few holes later, the sun went behind a cloud and the wind picked up. Vest back on.

I play barehanded in all but the worst weather, but keep a couple of Zippo handwarmers in the vest pockets.

And of course, I walk. I walk nearly every round, but it is especially important in cold weather. I can’t imagine how cold it must be buzzing around in a cart; that’s why so many riders need to put up curtains and fire up propane heaters.

The fifteenth at Washtenaw on a cold day for Michigan golf.

Here’s the most important thing about winter golf, though: You must learn to temper your expectations. In winter cold and wind, balls just don’t fly as far, muscles have a hard time staying limber and layers of clothes restrict the swing. Frigid balls on cold greens don’t roll as they do in summer.

Scoring well is unlikely, therefore it is the journey that counts. I enjoy the challenges the weather offers; enjoy learning new shots; and enjoy just being outside.

Now on to January and February rounds.

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