The Streak: 83 Consecutive Months of Michigan Golf

The Streak: 83 Consecutive Months of Michigan Golf Pictured: The GolfBlogger out for a January Round
The GolfBlogger on a round of Michigan golf in January 2021.

The Streak: 83 Consecutive Months of Michigan Golf

The first day of the New Year found me back in an old spot: walking the fairways of my local course.

This round marks the 83rd consecutive month in which I have played at least one round of Michigan golf.

The Streak: 83 Consecutive Months of Michigan Golf Pictured: A winter green
Winter greens are very slow.

Today’s weather report: 38 degrees, cloudy and rainy. The weather bureau is forecasting snow later this evening.

Today’s round was proof of something I’ve said for a long time: there is no such thing as bad weather; there are only bad clothing choices. I was quite comfy in the drizzle, with Adidas winter-weight, water-repellent pants, a Galvin Green winter pullover, and a wool Tilley hat.

The glaring hole in my gear is the golf gloves. As much as I like the warmth of FootJoy WinterSof gloves, I find that they very quickly get wet and lose all of their warmth. The same is true of my Mizuno winter golf cloves. Ultimately, I just put them in a pocket of my bag and went back to my usual mode of bare handed play. To keep my hands warm, I kept them in my Titleist Golf Hand Warmer pouch (check it out on Amazon) where I stashed a rechargeable hand warmer (see it on Amazon).

The Streak: 83 Consecutive Months of Michigan Golf picured:
A Sunday Golf bag on a winter round of Michigan golf

The other piece of key gear is an ultralightweight sunday bag from … Sunday Bag.

I bought this bag last season on a lark and it has turned out to be quite useful. On these cold Michigan winter rounds, I have little hope of scoring well, so there’s no need for a full set of clubs. I pack just six into the Sunday Bag: Driver, Putter, 3 hybrid, seven iron, nine iron, gap wedge. I could probably go without the gap wedge and choke down on the nine.

The bag has small mesh attachment for balls and a holster for tees. Two tiny side pockets are enough to carry my glasses, wallet, keys and a spare pair of gloves. It also has a water bottle pocket.

For walking a round in winter weather, the Sunday Bag is perfect.

I had a good time on the day. I haven’t swung a club in a while so it took me a couple of holes to produce a decent swing. By the end, though, I was back to consistent contact, even if the distance was entirely lacking.

All was as expected.

Here’s hoping more rounds are in store for January.

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