The Streak At 84: A February Round In Michigan

The Streak At 83: A February Round In Michigan

The Streak At 84: A February Round In Michigan

I never intended to start “The Streak.” I simply was looking at photos a couple of years ago and realized that I had played golf in every month of the year for several consecutive years and that I had something going.

As it stands, The Streak is now at 84: that’s eighty-four straight months playing at least one round in Michigan. Nearly seven years.

Yesterday’s round was at Huron Hills in Ann Arbor. The course is one of several in the area that’s always open. There’s an honor box for greens fees.

All I needed was a day when the ground was free of snow (and either dry or frozen enough to navigate).

The first at Huron Hills, Feb. 23, 2022

After a snowstorm last Friday, the temperatures rose into the forties on Sunday and Monday, followed by rain and temperatures in the fifties on Tuesday.

I briefly considered going out to play on Tuesday. With my high-tech rain gear from Galway Bay, I do not fear rain at all. A scouting of conditions at Washtenaw Golf Club and Huron Hills, however, showed that they were under water. I couldn’t have played there in any case.

So Wednesday it was. Temperatures dropped to the 20s overnight and all that water on the ground froze.

The seventh at Huron Hills, Feb. 23, 2022

Only the front seven at Huron Hills are open in the winter, so I had to go around several times. Holes eight and nine are across Huron Parkway and are used for public sledding this time of year. The remaining holes are unplayable.

In spite of frozen conditions and restricted movement from layers of clothing, I played decently well. Balls generally do not travel as far in cold weather, but the frozen ground made them run a very long way. I hit half a dozen greens only to watch the ball bounce off and over the back.

A frozen sand trap at Huron Hills, Feb. 23, 2022.

Putting was nigh to impossible. I’m pretty sure the stimp was 40. The greens were quite literally as fast as a sheet of ice.

The holes were plugged with ice. As were the traps.

But that’s all fine. Playing on hard ground just means that a golfer must pick the ball cleanly off surface. It is good practice.

Rubber tees are the only way to go when the ground is frozen solid.

I was fully prepared for the frozen tee boxes, though. These little rubber tees are perfect for the job (from Amazon)

Just five clubs occupied my Sunday Bag: Tour Edge C721 driver, Cameron putter, Tour Edge 3 hybrid, Wilson D7 seven iron and pitching wedge.

Carrying such a lightweight bag lets me walk with my hands in my pockets, where I have a pair of battery powered hand warmers stored (I have this brand: Ocoopa Hand Warmers on Amazon.)

I know that it is hard for some to fathom, but I really had a great time. When I’m wearing proper clothing, and walking, the cold doesn’t bother me at all. After being cooped in the house for weeks with snow, ice storms and other assorted bad weather, it was a delight to be outside.

If I wasn’t walking a golf course, I would have been on a walk around the neighborhood for some outdoor exposure. I might as well play golf.

Fish tacos from Black Pearl, Ann Arbor

After the round, Mrs. GolfBlogger and I headed to downtown Ann Arbor for dinner at Black Pearl. That restaurant makes terrific fish tacos that are as close as I’ve been able to find to the ones at Rubio’s Fresh in California.

I fell in love with Rubio’s Fresh fish tacos on a trip to San Diego, where I played Torrey Pines South.

The difference between Rubio’s and lesser versions is in the slaw. A proper fish taco is adorned with crisp slices of cabbage instead of wilted shreds of iceberg lettuce.

Black Pearl’s cabbage slaw is perfect and spicy, with just a hint of what I think was sesame seed oil. Also in with the crispy fish were chipotle mayo topping, pico de gallo and slice of lime.

The appetizer was a spicy clam chowder; dessert was a delicious slice of Chocolate Expresso Cake.

The cocktail of the night was a Temptation, consisting of Templeton Rye, creme de cassis, lemon and bitters. Creme de cassis is a liqueur made from blackcurrant berries. I was surprised with how the tartness went with the spice of the rye.

In all, it was a great vacation day: a round of golf and a good meal. I couldn’t ask for more.

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9 thoughts on “The Streak At 84: A February Round In Michigan”

  1. What did you shoot for the 21 holes you played? We generally do not play when the ground is frozen. When we have been out in those conditions, we play with a couple of modifications: balls in the fairway are moved laterally to the rough (gives one a bit of cushion) and we place our ball on the approximate spot where the ball first hits the green (unless we are running the shot up to the green).

    My latest personal streak stands at -0-. No golf for me in Michigan this January and February. Sigh. We walked Leslie Park yesterday and it was nice to see that most of the snow is gone. Barring a fresh dump of the white stuff, we should be teeing it up someplace in the Mitten by mid March.


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