“The Founders” Documentary Kickstarter

The Founders are the now-legendary women who, in 1950, founded the LPGA: Alice Bauer, Marlene Bauer, Patty Berg, Bettye Danoff, Helen Dettweiler, Helen Hicks, Opal Hill, Betty Jameson, Sally Sessons, Marilynn Smith, Shirley Spork, Louise Suggs and Babe Didrikson Zaharias.

Now, there’s a Kickstarter to make a film documenting their story. Here’s the promo material:

In 1950, thirteen women defied convention for the love of a game that most said had no place for them. Their decision to go pro was met not with fanfare, but derision; yet it proved to be a defining moment in women’s and sports history. With the creation of the Ladies Professional Golf Association, The Founders courageously broke barriers in a sport long dominated by men and forged a path for future female golfers to be celebrated and taken seriously. This film seeks to honor that legacy by making known the personal and collective sacrifices of The Founders as they worked to ensure women had a lasting place on the green. Sacrifices that, until now, have been left largely untold.

It looks like a very worthwhile project for golf fans.

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