The Glove Grabber

imageAnother interesting product that I saw this past weekend at the Michigan Golf Show was called The Glove Grabber.

With a high strength nylon front and a velcro back, the Glove Grabber attaches to your bag and offers a tidy place to hang your glove as you head to the green with your putter. Just stick the velcro on your glove to the velcro on the Grabber.

The grabber also is available with a leather front.

You can order them individually, but where I think the Glove Grabber really shines is as a promotional product. You can buy them in bulk, get them printed with your logo and give them out at outings, trade shows or other events. Beats the heck out of those foam beer can sleeves.

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2 thoughts on “The Glove Grabber”

  1. I have a Great Divider cart bag which has a strip of velcro on the front of the bag.  I used this strip all the time for holding my glove as I left the cart and picked up my putter. 

    Now I have started walking and use a push cart with a Callaway Ultralite bag which has no velcro strip and I really miss it.  It would be handy for sticking the putter cover as well as my glove on.  I keep meaning to start covering the handle of the cart with velcro strips—and may start stitching some velcro onto my driver, wood and hybrid covers too.

  2. I used the “Glove Grabber” all last season and it works! I keep 3 gloves attached to it and rotate them during the summer months so I have a dry glove at all times, plus my gloves last longer! My wife has one now too and hasen’t lost a glove since she attached it to her bag.


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