The Golf Channel At The Sony

While I don’t intend to comment on The Golf Channel’s coverage every week, I thought that their general lack of coverage Michelle Wie last night was notable. It certainly was helpful that she laid a huge egg on the course, and that she didn’t play in “prime time”, but they showed restraint nonetheless.  Unless I had fallen asleep, it seems to me that Wie coverage was mostly limited to a relatively short sequence of highlights.

We’ll have to see how it turns out tonight. She is not in contention, and it’s pretty obvious that she’s not going to make the cut. So TGC would do well by pretty much ignoring her.

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2 thoughts on “The Golf Channel At The Sony”

  1. Maybe TGC is doing what I’ve suggested and what I’m now doing:  Covering what is relevant and interesting.  Her missing yet another men’s cut for the zillionth time is neither.  I for one may be boycotting even mentioning her name in my blog until she WINS something… a game of checkers, tick-tac-toe, monopoly..anything.

    Oh how about announcing the wrist injury before the tournament?  There’s an excuse for her before the thing even starts.  Yup, when a football player fumbles it’s always best to limp off the field like you’re injured.  When a baseball player can’t run down a pop fly, he acts like he pulled a hammie.  If you suck, fake an injury.

    Damn, I may have to post this…

  2. anything:  Consider this hypothetical event. 
    The new Football Channel finally gets the NHL to let them broadcast a stack of games.  When the hour comes for the key broadcast of the final, the game has already started because the FC had not coordinated with the guys running the game.  Then the FC runs FIVE MINUTES of commericals, fluff, puff and teases before it goes to “on field” coverage.  Team A has already scored two touchdowns and those scores would pretty much sum up the game.  The FC mentions the score but pretty much just keeps going.  Football fans are furious and force the NFL to pull the rest of the games from the Football Channel and the FC gradually withers and dies.
    Get the Picture?  The Sony coverage has also been fragmented and, while intermittent the on-course commentary has been quite good, the constant interruptions for commercials and all sorts of blah severely reduce the quality of the broadcast.  I say fire the director and relplace the CEO.


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