The Golf Condom

Ridiculous Golf Item of the Week

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5 thoughts on “The Golf Condom”

  1. I think this is a mashup joke on “The Golf Bootie”

    Is this really ridiculous?  For $25 a pair, I am thinking this is a pretty good thing to have stashed in your bag.  I generally will remove my shoes a couple times a year – this would be a little bit of a time saver, and avoid having to get cleaned up. 

    Now if it was actually called golf condom – that would be ridiculous.

  2. When you get into the water in barefeet, your traction is pretty horrible already – and you stand a larger danger of a bite, sting, or stepping on something to cut your foot.

    I showed this to guys at the club this saturday, and I am not going to be the only one buying a pair of these and stashing them in the bag.


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