The GolfBlogger Gets A Hole In One!

I played in 40 degree weather today and was rewarded with a hole-in-one!

It was the par-3 9th at my home course. The distance was about 140 yards—normally a 7 iron, but I hit a knockdown shot with a 5 to keep it under the wind.The thing went up, crossed low over the creek, hit the front of the green, bounced once, and then sped right into the hole. It was moving so fast that if it hadn’t hit the flagstick, it would have gone right off the other side of the green.

The club was a TaylorMade R7 XD 5 iron. (Since these clubs are so new, I wonder if it’s the first reported hole-in-one with an R7 XD). The ball was a Maxfli Noodle that I had found on the banks of the stream on the previous hole. I used it because it was a bit ratty, I had no confidence in my ability to hit a knockdown shot, and was pretty sure that my reward for trying to get fancy was that I would put it in the creek.

Now, for the bad news.

There were no witnesses. I was the only one crazy enough to be out in that weather. Even the pro shop was closed.

I wasn’t keeping score. So I have no official score card. I had shot bogey on every hole to that point, though.

I don’t get to collect from the club’s hole-in-one pool.

I don’t even think it counts “officially”, since it’s the off-season.

It wasn’t a “real” round, since I was playing two balls. (Except on that hole. When the first one goes in, the only thing to do is get the ball and walk off the course.)

I can’t find the ball. I thought I had put it in the side pocket of my bag when I loaded the trunk, but when I got home, it wasn’t there. It may have rolled under the seats of the minivan, though, so I’ll check for it later.

It wasn’t a Titleist, so I can’t collect one of those nifty Titleist Hole-in-One bag tags.

I don’t care about any of that.

It was a HOLE IN ONE! Woo Hoo!!!

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8 thoughts on “The GolfBlogger Gets A Hole In One!”

  1. Congratulations!!  The closest I ever came to a hole in one was when I hit a 5wood off the bottom of the club, watched it bounce twice as it skipped along a pond, hit the pin going a mile a minute, and came to a dead stop 14 inches from the cup.  I didn’t care how ugly it looked – it was a birdie!

  2. It wasn’t my first. I hit my first a couple of years ago. It was one of the ugliest shots I ever hit. A mishit that bounced off a sprinkler head halfway between the tee box and the green, and richoched into the hole.

    I was the only one on the course at that time, too (I typically begin playing at sunup). Fortunately, the guy cutting the grass saw it go in. (Yeah, just like the ad).

  3. Congratulations and big ol high-five to ya!  A hole-in-one is a hole-in-one, no matter when you do it.  Since golf is a game of integrity, you can feel confident in your accomplishment, whether there was a witness of not.  Again, congrats on the ACE!

  4. Congratulations!

    I’ve never had one so am duly envious. At present it feels like a hole-in-one if I hit a par-3 green, reckon I need some new irons. Maybe I’ll get me some of those R7XDs……?

  5. Congratulations from Brazil!

    I´ve hit my first ace a year ago and I know there is no feeling like it. Well, at least you didn´t have to pay for whisky, champagne and beer for a 140 people like I had.

    Believe or not, my hole in one happened in a tournament called TAM VIAGENS Hole in One Club – it was the release of a hole in one record system. They invited some lucky guys who had hit an ace the year before and some guests like me. My ace was the only one that day.

  6. Congrats! The odds of a hole in one are over 8000 to 1. Too bad no one was there. And doubly too bad that it wasn’t during an event that had hole in one insurance. Yes, I sell hole in one insurance but I’m not rubbing it in. You deserve accolades. I have been golfing 40+ years and the closest I have come is 4 inches. If you want the truth about hole in oone insurance check out my new blog,
    Congrats again and hopefully next time you will win the hole in one pool


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