The Golfer’s Prayer Book

imageI noticed an article in the Ann Arbor News Ann Arbor dot Com news rag about a golfing nun who has written a book of golf prayers, called a Golfer’s Prayer Book: Walking the Fairway with the Master. From the article:

For Sister Dorothy Ederer, a published author, Catholic nun and campus minister at St. Mary Student Parish in Ann Arbor, golf and religion go hand in hand.

“You compare the things that happen in golf to your life, things like sand traps, hooks, slices, and out of bounds shots,” she said. “We set ourselves up for ridicule and shame.”

Handicaps are something that we all have and that we shouldn’t be discouraged by them, Ederer said: “They often provide the push we need.”
Ederer’s book, “The Golfer’s Prayer Book, Walking the Fairway with the Master,” was recently released in hardcover by Paulist Press, and is available at Borders and through It has been endorsed by a number of professional golfers including Jack Nicklaus, who is quoted in the book as saying, “Golf is a beautiful walk with God and nature. Sister Ederer uses her words to help us approach and understand life in a spiritual and meaningful manner.”

And in case you’re wondering, don’t look for a nun’s habit on local courses. She golfs in skirts or capris.



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