The Goosinator: Canada Geese’s natural enemy

Is there a golfer who doesn’t hate Canada Geese? Numerous beyond reckoning, the flocks of degenerate fiends befoul the fairways and greens and turn the water hazards into pestilential soups.

Unfortunately, they’re protected waterfowl, so you can’t shoot them. (I wonder, though, how a creature as numerous as ants can be endangered). The best way to get rid of them seems to be to harass them. Some courses have goose chasing dogs. Then there’s the remote control “Goosinator”

I’m not sure if I really believe that it works. It obviously does a good job of driving them away, but it seems to me the monstrosities would return as soon as the Goosinator went back to it’s shed.

The video is funny, though. But it’s be better if it mounted a gatling gun, or a flame thrower.

(BTW, it’s officially Canada Geese, not Canadian Geese).

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