The Grass Is Greening

It was cool and windy as I began my round, but I was not alone on the course. Any hint of spring brings Michigan’s dedicated golfers out in force. There were a couple dozen cars in the lot, two pair on the first tee and several others in the shop. Since I was only walking nine, the pro sent me out back where I would be ahead of the afternoon groups crowding the front.

In spite of yesterday’s snow,  fairways and greens today were for the first time showing signs of a color other than brown. All of the ice had fled the ponds, and I swear I saw the first signs of buds on the willows. It was all so hopeful.

Unfortunately, I still can’t say the same about my game. Short and left was my mantra today. Following a solid first hole bird, I reeled off a string of bogeys and doubles that made me thankful there was no one watching.

But I really wasn’t keeping score. Instead,  I worked on a tip I saw in a golf magazine recently that I thought might help cure my tendency toward a “chicken wing.” I concentrated on keeping my left arm soft, while making a full body rotation. Without video, I can’t be sure that it worked, but I did manage to produce some very nice full behind-the-ear finishes—a sign that things are on the right track.



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