The Heavy Putter

I’ve favored a heavier putter for quite some time. I think that it encourages a smoother, less handsy stroke. I also use it in place of a wedge from the rough close to the green (there’s a whole lot less that can go wrong with a putter.) and can accurately run it up to the green from 30 yards out in the fairway.

A typical Ping Anser style putter head weights 300 – 330 grams. The Snake Eyes Strike-Line Putter Head head I use (shown above) weights 400 grams.

Apparently I’m not the only one who has this idea. The’s a company called Heavy Putter, which makes ultra-heavyweight putter heads that weight between 450 and 550 grams. There’s a picture below:

I’d get one of these, but they’re horribly expensive for a putter: $259.

If you want to try a heavy putter, you’re much better off getting one of the Strike Lines. You can put one together for less than $50.

Find Heavy Putters at a better price at Global Golf

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3 thoughts on “The Heavy Putter”

  1. I disagree.  The Heavy Putter is an outstanding product.  With the 100% CNC milled clubhead the lines are presise and clean looking and the ability to alter the weighting is a huge bonus.  The new gray heads are great looking and the new grips add a great feel to the finished product.  This is one putter that everyone should try.

  2. I am a new user to the Heavy Putter and I love it. It has given me more confidence in making my putts, and it isn’t like trying to control a bowling ball on a string. If price bothers you, then do what I did. Buy one on eBay. I purchased a brand new Heavy Putter from eBay for $155 CDN. That is a reasonable price. I still have come across some skeptics who feel that you would never be able to control the distance on fast greens, but they just don’t understand the physics of how the weight in the grip end helps you control the putter head immensely. I read one comment that is an excellent analogy: “If you compare it to carrying a heavy bag of groceries, try controlling that bag if you hold your arms out from your body. It’s pretty tough to do. BUT, if you keep the weight of the bag close to your torso, it is much easier to control.” That is the simple physics applied with the weighted grip handle in the Heavy Putter. A must-have for everyone’s golf bag.


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