The Heritage Holes Out; Detroit Stymied

The Heritage, sponsorless since last year has acquired a savior in—of all things—the Royal Bank of Canada. RBC will sponsor The Heritage for the next five years.

That means that Detroit won’t be able to grab an empty spot left by The Heritage for its own Tour event. But the potential organizers of a new Michigan Tour stop say it doesn’t really matter:

So what does that mean for the Detroit Golf Club’s chances of landing a PGA Tour event? Not much, according to Detroit Golf Club spokesman Todd Flood.
“The Heritage having a sponsor does not close the door on Detroit hosting a tournament,” he said Thursday. “We know the sponsor and the PGA are working diligently with putting this tournament together in Detroit.”
The Detroit Golf Club has hosted PGA Tour officials and reportedly has secured a sponsor (Cadillac). Officials simply are waiting for a spot on the 43-event schedule to open.

Poaching another area’s tournament seems to be the way to get a Tour spot these days. The Greenbriar Classic was poached from Michigan’s Buick Open. And then there was the unwarranted death of the Western Open …

Still, I’m totally on board with Detroit getting a PGA Tour stop. After seeing in Ft. Worth how the community rallies around The Crowne Plaza Colonial, I think similar inspiring things could be done in the Motor City.

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