The Hole In One Lady

An interview with Jacqueline Gagne, who has had 20 documented holes-in-one since 2005. It’s pretty funny.

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4 thoughts on “The Hole In One Lady”

  1. This is some kind of achievement.  Many people like myself are still wishing for our first hole-in-one and probably the only one…


  2. Well, she was shooting from the red tees.  wink

    I thought the other day I was about to have my first ace on our 217yard par 3.  I had used driver to get to the elevated green, and it landed straight in front of the pin and started rolling toward it, when it stopped, from the tee box, it looked like I was about a foot. 

    When I reached the green, I had landed 15 yards from the pin, and it rolled about 8 yards to the pin, leaving 20 feet—BUT the line was perfect!  Unfortunately my birdie putt missed, but a par for me on that hole is just about like an Ace.

  3. Jacqueline Gagne is a WHACKED OUT LYING BITCH.

    She probably has never had even 1 hole in one.

    Funny how so many golf publications could so have easily been DUPED.

    Similar to the reported crossing of the ATLANTIC by some old bag who would have had to swim as fast as Michael Phelps for 2800 nautical miles.


  4. From what I have read, this woman is a fraud.  She very quickly disappeared from the scene as soon as attention was focused on her.


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