The King Calls It Quits

I know he’s said it before, but this time I think he really means it: Arnold Palmer is retiring from competitive golf.

He had begun play on Friday at the Administaff Small Business Classic, but after hitting two balls into the water on the fourth hole, he announced his withdrawal from the tounament. He complained of a sore back.

But here’s why I admire Arnold Palmer so: in spite of this withdrawal, he continued to play out the round—he just didn’t keep score. Injury or no, the 77 year old King wasn’t going to disappoint his Army.

After the round, Palmer announced his retirement:

“I’m a sentimental guy and I start thinking, usually it’s after I’m finished. Here it is and we’re done,” said Palmer. “It’s been a great road and I’ve loved every second of it. And I still do.”

I just regret that I never had the chance to watch him play in person. I’d still pay to see him play—even if he didn’t keep score.

Long Live The King

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