The Long Par 3

The Long Par 3 At Huron Hills

The Huron Hills golf course in Ann Arbor is unique for the area, in that it’s walking only. A Tom Bendelow design, it suffers from lack of length, having two par 5s, and seven par 3s. But some of those threes are brutal. The fourth (seen above) is a 231 yard shot, slightly uphill to a bunker surrounded green. The sixth and sixteenth are 196 yards.

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6 thoughts on “The Long Par 3”

  1. What do you mean “walking only”? I play golf to realax, not to do any work (like walking all the time for example). I guess some people might like it though…

  2. Walking is the ONLY way to play golf. I don’t know what it’s called when you use a power cart, but its not golf.

  3. It also takes a Michigan guy to have such a feeling about walking.  Come down for a few rounds in Memphis when it is 95 degrees with 80%+ humidity.

    Now my broken toe feels 100%, I am trying to get back to walking, but between the nearby storm fronts and the temperature, I am not walking as much as I want.

  4. I am with the Golf Blogger on this issue.  There are some courses that do not lend themselves to walking because of the vast distances between the last green and the next tee.  At times the weather may dictate a golf cart (or buggy as they are called in Ireland) but only if health issues are involved.  Any other times the game should be played walking.

    As far as the “walking only” status of Huron Hills, there are one-person carts available to those whose physical condition does not allow walking.

  5. Update on Huron Hills – they now, sadly, offer power carts.  I was out there recently and the darn things were buzzing all over the place.


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