The LPGA vs Passover

It’s not exactly the kind of publicity the LPGA was looking for when it announced a new Pebble Beach-style celebrity pro-am.

As it turns out, the Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort & Club where they booked the tournament already had an event scheduled: a Passover celebration for more than 200 families.

The resort, apparently sensing more money in golf than in religion, booted the latter. Now they’re suing the resort.

“The contract specifically states that they may not cancel us to take what they deem better business,” said attorney David Freedman, who’s representing Presidential Holidays. “There are strict Old Testament laws that must be adhered to, ritual meals where you can’t cook dairy and meat in the same kitchen. It’s impossible to move, but the resort’s owners are saying we’re out on the street because the LPGA is coming in.”


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1 thought on “The LPGA vs Passover”

  1. Yikes.  This is a really poor business decision by the club.  A 500 family event is not exactly a small affair which can be rebooked only 6 months out, especially for a holiday celebration.  In addition to being just a bad PR move by the club, doesn’t a little bit of common (albeit prejudiced) sense dictate that you don’t try and boot 500 Orthodox Jewish families from their country club event for a high holiday.  Chances are that you have at least one good lawyer in that crowd!

    I think the club better start thinking about how they are going to handle both events at the same time pretty quick, otherwise, they are likely to find themselves enjoined from having their LPGA tourney.  I am confused as to why the LPGA would be sued here as well, except as an attempt to enjoin them from interfering with the organizations contract with the club.


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