The Magic Driver Book Review

Magic Driver Review

The Magic Driver Print Edition

The Magic Driver Kindle Edition

Grade: A (for the preteen set)
Teacher’s Comments: a wholesome magical adventure with a golf theme

The Magic Driver is the first in a forthcoming series of books about the adventures of Justice and Gigi, a brother-sister team of junior golfers. It’s aimed squarely at the younger reader, and in that I think it succeeds admirably.

The MacGuffin in this story is a driver that the kids receive from an old man on a course after treating him with kindness.  Although unprepossessing, the driver turns out to have magical qualities, for when it is used, it suddenly transports them halfway across the world to Thailand.

Such a turn of events would send rational adults over the edge, but in true kid’s adventure story fashion, the pair takes it in stride. They make friends, travel the country and engage in a series of whimsical golf competitions in an attempt to return home. And along the way, they manage to learn quite a bit about the geography and culture of Thailand.

The story is light hearted and written in a breezy, simple style. The ebook review copy I got had some nicely done illustrations—I assume the print version does, too.

There’s not a lot here for the adult reader. The golf is more than a little silly, and the plot ridiculous. But kids, I think, will like it a lot. Parents will too. It’s completely wholesome and devoid of the dark—and sometimes mean—streaks that seem to characterize much current children’s literature.

Recommended for kids.

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