The Ninth At Colonial

Crowne Plaza

This is the ninth at the Colonial.

After a wayward tee shot left, I hit my nine wood over the trees to the 80 yard mark. That’s what you see in this shot. From there, I selected a pitching wedge, wanting to ensure that I cleared the water. It was too much. I blew the ball over the green and bounced it off the stands. Now I had a tough shot back downhill from the rough across the green toward the water. Not trusting my wedge from the lie, I putted instead. But the ball picked up speed toward the water—much faster than I anticipated. I thought the ball was going into the water, but it hit Appleby’s foot and stopped short.  “Sorry about that,” he said.

Appleby then pointed out my line and I putted back uphill and into the hole.

That wasn’t the only ball skipping across a green that somehow hit Appleby’s foot (it was the only one of mine, though).

For us, that was the final hole of the day (we had started on the back nine).


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