The Only Thing A Two Iron Is Good For …


My friends at Swing Reminders passed along this photo and story:

This is the golf course off Hartley Bridge Road in Macon.

This is a timber rattler killed last week-end.  It is by far the biggest rattle snake I have ever seen.  Although diamond back rattlers get this big and maybe even bigger, I did not know those timber rattlers reached that size. I have not talked to Ollie about how many rattles it had or it’s actu al size and length was, but since he is about 5’9” the snake appears to be at least 8 feet long if not longer, and is bigger around than his arms.

He killed the snake on number 8 at Oakview while looking for his ball. He killed the snake with a 2 iron. The man holding the snake is greens keeper.

I knew a two iron was good for something.

Actually, when I was a kid, I was into snake hunting in the bogs of southern Maryland (the part of Maryland where I grew up had true bogs … complete with venus flytraps, sundews and other carnivorous plants). I had read a book about pet snakes, and among the recommended equipment for catching them was a long golf iron. You were supposed to file out a concave curve on the bottom, and then use it to hold the snake down while your partner maneuvered the pillow case around. We caught several black and garter snakes this way—and held off a couple of water moccasins.

We also were hoping to catch a glimpse of the Maryland Swamp Monster, or the Bunny Man. We figured that the golf clubs would come into good use if either of those two cryptos turned out to be hostile.

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