The Pentagon’s Golf Courses


The US Defense Department maintains at least 194 golf courses worldwide, according to an article in Mother Jones.

The article is rife with mistakes, and perhaps a Freudian slip or two, such as this gem:


It is actually the “Moral, WELFARE and Recreation” programs. The hippies at Mother Jones can’t get it right, apparently, because their brains are too fogged with hatred of the “military industrial complex.” Of COURSE it’s “warfare and recreation.” Recreation and Warfare go hand-in-hand for military familes, doesn’t it?

Not so much.

The list of courses is interesting, though.

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2 thoughts on “The Pentagon’s Golf Courses”

  1. My home course is listed there; it a) has a back nine designed by the same architect that designed the old Dunes course in Las Vegas, b) is the only 18-hole course for several hundred square miles, c) it’s open to the public and d) it’s used for other functions besides golf. Not the greatest course in the world, but you seldom lose your ball and the tanks around the course are a nice touch.

    I find it interesting that the “Pentagon” gets more press coverage than any other facet of the US government, except maybe the Postal Service. So
    much material, so little enthusiasm.

  2. The simpler explanation is sloppy spell checking and editing.  Not propoganda, apparently from both sides.  Never attribute to Machavelli, what incompetence will explain.


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