The Plane Truth For Golfers DVD Review

imagePlane Truth For Golfers DVD Set

Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: The book and DVD are musts for any golfer who struggles with the game.

Jim Hardy’s The Plane Truth For Golfers is perhaps the best golf instruction book I’ve ever read. And the new DVD is the perfect companion piece.

Hardy’s basic thesis is that there are there are two separate and distinct types of golf swings: the one plane, and the two plane swing. Both are equally valid and equally effective. The trouble comes, Hardy says, when elements of the one swing are mixed with the elements of the other.

It’s a terrific theory—and everyone that I know who has read the book says that they have benefited from it. Hardy himself says that he expects that if you are able to isolate the elements of just one swing, you will see an immediate improvement. You can read my entire review of the book here.

If I had one criticism of the book when it was first released, it was that some of the concepts were difficult for me to visualize. What it really needed, I wrote in my review, was a DVD. Apparently, someone was listening, because Hardy has now released a three disk set.

4 thoughts on “The Plane Truth For Golfers DVD Review

  1. I you liked the 3 DVD instruction set you’ll love the drills for the one-plane swing.  Two planers may feel a bit slighted as there are fewer drills for them.

    I agree that the book is excellent—but the videos are essential to truly understanding what Jim Hardy is saying.

    I’m about ready to give up on the two-plane swing.  Some days I have tempo, timing and rythym—and some days I don’t.  The one-plane swing is just so much easier to play with.  It is also easy to start making contact with the on-plane swing—although it is very different and takes some time to learn to swing as correctly (efficiently) as possible..

  2. I have studied the tapes and swing since last summer and find it great when I can do it correctly.  Would really like to find an instructor familiar with the book and tapes in my area – Vancouver, Wa/Portland, Oregon.

  3. Well organized and produced but 2 Major criticisms. Hardy should have seperated the one and two plane DVD’s. After you decided on a system, going back and fast forwarding to get to your specific disciplines while bypassing the other is a pain in the rear end and just “plane” stupid. Secondly should have shown much much more full swing video (maybe in slow mo) this instruction is all positional instead of flowing and that makes it hard to picture the finished product

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