The Players’ Gets It Just Right

ESPN’s Jason Sobel says that among the Majors, The Players gets it “just right.”

Once upon a time, there was a group of golfers who traveled to Augusta, Ga., for the year’s first major championship. The wind howled, the greens were fast and their scores soared. “This tournament is too hard!” they cried.

Later in the year, that same group of golfers happened upon the U.S. Open for the year’s second major championship. The course was long, the rough was gnarly and once again their scores soared. “This tournament is too tricky!” they claimed.

In between, the golfers came to the Players Championship, technically not a major but the next-biggest event of the year. Good shots were rewarded with good results. Bad shots were penalized with bad results. And the golfers were overjoyed by what they considered to be a satisfactory course setup. “This tournament is just right!” they crowed.

He may be on to something.

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