The Polar Vortex Is Coming – Stay Warm With A Zippo Hand Warmer – Review


Zippo Hand Warmer

Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: Works wonderfully

The Polar Vortex is coming, but you can stay comfy in the out-of-doors with the correct equipment.

One of my favorite cold weather accessories are my Zippo hand warmers. These pocket-sized units (about 4 inches tall and a half inch thick) generate a substantial amount of heat for hours on end. I keep in each of the hands of the Ultimittens on my push cart and I can play with bare hands in even the coldest weather.

To use, you fill the body of the warmer with Zippo (or other premium) lighter fluid, the pass the burner at the top under a flame (I use a zippo lighter for this). The heat on the burner starts a reaction which generates heat. There’s no flame, so no danger of setting things on fire.

The Zippo warmer does generate enough heat, though, that you should put it in the velvet pouch to avoid burns. I’ve found that a full base generates heat for around eight hours.

This is a wonderful piece of equipment.


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