The R&A Moves Forward To Make The Game More Female Friendly

While the rest of Scotland was voting on whether to undo the 300 year old Act of Union, the Royal and Ancient was meeting to decide whether to join the 21st Century and permit women members.

Scotland voted to stay, and the R&A voted to open its doors.

I have no idea of the particulars of the Scottish Independence movement, but the R&A decision was the correct one. While I fully support (in principle) the right of private organizations to choose their own membership, I think such restrictions are usually more harmful than good.

The best way to expand the game of golf is not through fifteen inch holes or other gimmicks. The best way to expand the game of golf is to make it more welcoming to women. Women constitute half (more or less) of the population, but I would be surprised if—on any given day—they represent more than 10% of the average course’s tee times. Double that, and the golf participation “problem” is solved.

Eliminating gender restrictions in the R&A is good step. But I think much of golf has a long way to go before we see gender equity in the game.

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