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It seems like there are a lot of golf blogs out there these days, but The Reluctant Jam Boy is the only one I know that’s written by an active caddy. As such, I’ve found it to be very interesting. Give it a visit.

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  1. Hi, would you like a review copy of my new novel. Or would you be interested in me writing something for your blog. I published The Caddie Who Knew Ben Hogan a few years ago, and now my second golf novel. Thanks for your time. John Coyne

    The Caddie Who Played with Hickory
    John Coyne. St. Martin’s/Dunne, $24.95 (304p) ISBN 978-0-312-37244-6

    In Coyne’s engrossing hole-in-one (after The Caddie Who Knew Ben Hogan), it’s the summer of 1946 and Tommy O’Shea, a top caddie at Midlothian Country Club, gets a fantastic chance to challenge golfing legend Walter Hagen in the “last important golf match of his life.” To do so, Tommy must be proficient in the usage of hickory golf clubs, the kind Hagan used to win his first U.S. Open in 1914. At stake is a $1,000 prize that could finance farmer’s-son Tommy’s college dreams. In walks Harrison Cornell, a WWII vet and former POW, who wants to caddie for Hagen. As it turns out, Harrison has a secret score to settle with Hagen dating back to 1941. As Tommy prepares to compete against Hagen—one of golf’s first superstars—he learns much about golf and life from Harrison (“Carry you own clubs. Be your own man”), flirts with a club waitress and falls for Val, a member’s daughter. Coyne’s neat plotting and firm grip on even the most obscure corners of the sports make this the perfect treat for hackers and pros alike. From Publisher’s Weekly


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