The Twelfth At Indianwood

Indianwood 12th-8192

The 12th at Indianwood Country Club in Lake Orion, MI, site of the 2012 US Senior Open. This is the number one handicap hole on the course.

My group, which consisted of David Graham, Executive Director of GAM and Detroit News Reporter Tom Markowski started on this hole for the Senior Open Media Day’s shotgun start.

The toughest hole was a heckuva way to start a round. I hooked my tee shot left into the pond. The reload found the edge of the rough right in front of the second bunker. A three wood stayed right and found the heather in front of the tree. I tried to wedge out, but only got as far as the bunker right of the green.

Indianwood’s high quality sand was unfamiliar territory. I’m used to playing on courses where the sand is a thin veneer covering hard clay and gravel. Still, I managed to get out with one swing. Two putts later, I was finished.

Not an auspicious start. As the day wound on, I found more than my share of Indianwood’s dozens of bunkers. I also suffered from an inexplicable case of the shorts. No matter what club I chose, it seemed to come up short.

The gravity must be stronger at Indianwood.

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