The Walking Golfers Society

The Walking Golfers Society is an interesting effort. Here’s the group’s mission statement:

The Walking Golfers Society is committed to walking when we play because of the physical, social, scoring, and experience benefits, amongst others.

We encourage others to walk when they golf and are committed to spreading awareness of the many benefits of being a walking golfer.

We respect the right of an individual to take a golf cart when they play, whether for physical or personal reasons.

However, we believe that golf carts inhibit a golfer from getting the most out of every round.

I’m a firm believer in the multiple benefits of walking, and do so in every instance except where it is forbidden. As for courses that require carts, I generally avoid at all costs.

The Society has two events this season which may be of interest to Michigan golfers:

Saturday, May 17th- Battle Creek Country Club, Battle Creek, MI (Willie Park Jnr.) -20 spots – $60 per member

Tuesday, September 30th – Indianwood Golf & Country Club, Lake Orion, MI – 80 spots – $100 per member

I’ve played Indianwood, and think that $100 is a very good price for an outing at that historic course.

I would love to see the Walking Golfer idea catch on.


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