Them’s Fightin’ Words

Seve Ballesteros says that if the Americans don’t get better at playing golf, people will lose interest in the Ryder Cup:

‘We’ve won the last three events and the domination by the Europeans is very clear.

‘In one way I’d like to see the Americans beating the Europeans because we’re beating the Americans so clearly at the moment that the Ryder Cup is losing interest.

‘I wouldn’t say the Americans don’t want to compete, but if the victory is so one-sided then people from both sides of the Atlantic will lose interest.’

Wow. Talk about locker room fodder.

1 thought on “Them’s Fightin’ Words”

  1. He has a point though.  When Tiger wins all the time, or when he plays an event and the network focuses on him and only him for four days, I lose all interest in golf.  Dominance leads to boredom and disinterest.


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