There Goes Golf’s Richest Man

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that Elin Nordegren is asking for a package worth $750 million in the divorce—and at the same time is rejecting a confidentiality clause that would keep her from writing a tell-all book. Plus, she gets full custody.

$750 million is three quarters of Tiger’s estimated fortune. Since its clear that the only thing he really cares about is money and majors, this has got to hit him hard.

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2 thoughts on “There Goes Golf’s Richest Man”

  1. Part of that fortune is a $200 million boat.  It may be that she is going after Privacy and $500m in cash.  Appearantly when it was being built, she oversaw the construction for him and made choices on the decor and finishes.

    Not sure how she gets 75% of the assets – he did make the money afterall.  I wonder if there were negotiations on her staying in December that included a full compliance with that program, which he failed to do.

    I think he is scum, but still she shouldn’t be awarded that much – if a certain amount is put in trusts for the kids, that would be more understandable.

    Since Tiger’s $100m a year is also probably cut by 75% this will even strain his foundation and that would be a bad thing.

  2. I dont know about his “foundation”. his life consists in training, practicing, traveling to golf tournaments and other expenses such as paying the caddie and coach …

    if you ask me, 1/10th of what nike gives him is enough for his “foundation”.


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