“These Guys Don’t Care About Fedex Cup”

I attended the Buick Open’s practice round yesterday (a good time, I’ll post photos later), and overheard an interesting conversation. Two tour players were talking to an equipment representative near the practice green.

One of the players said (to the rep): “These guys don’t care about the Fedex Cup. They only care about Majors. If they win the Fedex Cup, they’ll just pitch it.”

The other player looked at his feet, where he was banging his putter and said “Uh Huh.”

I”m not giving the names of the players, but the first is a long time tour veteran, and I think pretty well respected. The other was a younger guy, not as well known, but golf fans will know him. I won’t give their names because I don’t want to cause them any trouble.

I also don’t know who “these guys” referred to … Tour players in general, or a group of them that were part of the conversation before I overheard. I kind of got the impression they were talking about upper division players, but both of these guys are at least top 50.

But it was interesting to hear. If their opinion is widespread, the Fedex Cup is in trouble.

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2 thoughts on ““These Guys Don’t Care About Fedex Cup””

  1. Things could change once the “playoffs” start. I don’t think anyone (tour officials, etc.) should get too worried until after the Tour Championship.


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