They Bought A Golf Course

They Bought A Golf Course

Golf Course Industry magazine has a neat little article by Stacy Summers, whose family bought a closed Michigan golf course in 2017 and brought it back to life.

The course, Spruce Ridge — in the southwest corner of Michigan — was going to seed when the Summers drove by and decided to buy it. They had no experience in running a golf course.

In this, Summers compares their situation to the Matt Damon movie “We Bought A Zoo.”

Their first season, only the back nine was open. That nine had managed to survive the previous neglect in better shape. By the second season, all 18 were open, but with some temporary greens. By season four, all of the greens were in good playable conditions.

A few things they’ve learned:

1. This is not glamourous work

2. The customer is always right, but not everyone is your customer. 

3. Thick skin is required.

4. You need a supportive golf community. 

There’s a lot more. You should read the entire article at the link.

I plan to take a trip to visit this next summer.

photo at top by Vít Švajcr

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