They’re Baaack …

Its just as I feared. After a nice run of good, classic looking golf clothing, players once again are opting for the ridiculous. There’s Ian Poulter, Darren Clarke, Jesper Parnevik, Adam Scott and others.

Even the traditional Tiger Woods is starting to branch out. He’s actually wearing (gasp) flat front pants.

The Times Picayune reports on the madness.

Of course, these things run in cycles. The first couple of guys will dress like a clown to get noticed. Then a few more because they want to be cool. Soon, wannabies will be all of the course.

But then, eventually, good taste will prevail again.

It can’t come too soon.

Of course, the Golf Blogger has always been a man of good taste. When the other kids were listening to FogHat and other less-than-memorable-groups-of-the-moment, Golf Blogger’s LPs were all Frank Sinatra. In high school, I wore khakis and oxfords. My hair was always much shorter than anyone else’s.

When everyone was going to the prom in powder blue tuxes with frilly shirts, I wore a white dinner jacket, and black tie ala Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.

At the time, I was thought to be a bit of a nerd. But now, I can look at my high school pictures without dying of embarassment.

Good taste is timeless.

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