Thieves Decapitating Golf Clubs

A pair of thieves apparently are decapitating expensive drivers and stealing the heads in Pittsburgh area Dick’s Sporting Goods stores. The assumption has to be that they’ll reshaft the clubs—a relatively easy and inexpensive proposition—for later sale. Still, it’s strange.

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1 thought on “Thieves Decapitating Golf Clubs”

  1. I have noticed at the local Dick’s that the layout is not condusive to getting the attention of the staff if you are not in the main aisle.  Instead of having rows perpendicular or angled off the main aisle, the drivers/woods/fairways are set up in pods with displays which block the vision from the main aisle.

    Golfsmith on the other hand, is laid out so that the height of the walls in that area are only around 50” tall, so you can see straight over and it is much more open. 

    Likewise in Dicks in the accessories/balls/gloves area/ the racks are over 5 feet tall and usually have stuff stacked on top of them, and Golfsmith has similar with lower walls. 

    I have just noticed that from trying to get the attention of staff in each store, but also it caught my eye from my college days when I worked in retail at Radio Shack, thinking that there were too many places in Dicks where customers are not easily visible. 

    Perhaps their corporate needs to hire a new director of security that has worked in one of the other large chains like Radio Shack, Best Buy, or Golfsmith.  In sporting goods now, there are just TOO many things which are fairly high ticket that would be easy to walk away with.


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